Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Check out the Warrior Mom Book Club Review of The Ghost in the House over at Postpartum Progress

Volume 2 of the Postpartum Progress Warrior Moms Book Club Review is up at Postpartum Progress!  

Earlier this year we began The Warrior Mom Book Club, a partnership between Beyond Postpartum and Postpartum Progress.  Katherine Stone and I have learned over the years of providing peer support that a key force in many women’s recovery has been literature as a resource.  Because one can read at one’s own leisure and pace, books and articles are a steady source of encouragement and education for many women.  We began the Book Club by reading Adrienne Martini’s Hillbilly Gothic.  After a great discussion around that first book, the group is hopeful that what we share about Tracy Thompson’s The Ghost in the House will bring new conversations and ideas that relate to postpartum depression and maternal mental health in general.

Go check it out!

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