Monday, March 18, 2013

Where to Find a Strong PPD Community

Hey y'all.  I want to apologize for not being around much lately.  This Lent I decided to take a break from Facebook and Twitter, and even though I'm still managing the Beyond Postpartum, Atlanta Mom, Atlanta Maternal Mental Health, and Warrior Mom Book Club pages/groups, I've been pretty scarce, even there.  My apologies- please know I am still reading and thinking about Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders every. single. day.  Even when I haven't been blogging much or I'm not tweeting, I still stay in the loop as much as I can.

I've been wanting to put together an updated list of resources for a while, mainly because there are so darn many of them now- which is an awesome thing!  If you don't see a group, website, or resource below that you believe should be listed, please email me at atlantamom930 (@) with all the details.

First- Pinterest.  Besides being the most fun and creative time-suck ever, Pinterest is actually a terrific tool for finding articles, blog posts, charts, lists, inspirational quotes and images, etc. related to maternal wellness.  I have a Maternal Mental Health Pinterest board, as well as a Mommy Encouragement board.  Check them out and feel free to follow.  I'm also a part of several group boards related to PPD, including Postpartum Depression Hope and Women's Mental Health.

I hope you already know about these "oldies but goodies", but just in case you are finding this post as someone new to this world, the following sites should be bookmarked ASAP:
Postpartum Support International (organization promoting awareness, prevention and treatment of mental health issues related to childbearing in every country worldwide)
Postpartum Progress (read daily posts ranging from personal stories to news and research)
Postpartum Progress Daily Hope (a subscription service in which you can receive daily emails filled with encouragement for your journey)
My Postpartum Voice- #PPDChat (join a weekly online chat and/or become a part of this virtual community of women impacted by PMADs)
The Postpartum Stress Center Blog (written by Karen Kleiman, MSW, LCSW)
Band Back Together (so much more than just about PPD, in a good way)

Here are a few Facebook groups for those with PPD/raising awareness around PMADs:
PPDChat Support
Postpartum Depression Awareness
Mama's Comfort Camp (supportive mothering community not just for PPD Mamas)
Warrior Mom Book Club (reads 4 books each year and discusses them via a google and/or Facebook group, our discussion becomes an interview which is then posted at Postpartum Progress)
The Fearless Formula Feeder (combating stigma around feeding, as well as generally banding together against the "mommy wars")

One last thing...I highly recommend a local, peer support group in addition to seeing your physician and/or therapist and seeking out online resources.  Seeing someone face to face and knowing that you are, in real life, not at all alone in your struggle is huge.  And often, the facilitator or other members of the group are recovering or have recovered and can offer you not only an empathetic point of view, but proof of the reality of overcoming PPD.



Jennifer said...

Thank you so much Amber for putting this list of incredible resources together. I know it will be seen and utilized by those who need it.

Please don't feel guilty for taking a break from the computer over Lent. I think that is wonderful and you'll come back refreshed and renewed. xo

Anita said...

I know that there are many purposes to your life. Your dedication to PPD is one of them and it is priceless. May God bless you and all the mothers around the world.

Esther said...

What a great resource list!

Amber K-P said...

Thank YOU all for taking the time to read BP and to comment here. I am touched by your kind words and continue to be fed and nurtured in order to continue this journey of advocacy by all of you.